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We make our own stuff! All of our sauces, dressings and garnishes are prepared fresh in house daily.

We love bringing our favourite seasonal & locally sourced ingredients together. We believe that quality produce should be allowed speak for itself so we don’t interfere with it too much. We just help it. 

foodie values

Local and Seasonal

Where possible, our chefs will source produce locally and we always try to cook with the seasons.

Westport is blessed to have so many local artisanal suppliers and most of them have featured on our ever changing specials board. 

Did we mention....

We are coffee obsessed!!!

Every coffee at the creel is ground fresh to order. We know that, only then, are the essential oils in our coffee grounds at their max and able to produce that gorgeous creme on top of each cup.

hand pressed and extracted to perfection. We have the coffee for you. 


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